Aparajitha Hosted Conclave 2023: Key Updates on Labour Laws

Aparajitha Hosted Conclave 2023: Key Updates on Labour Laws

Aparajitha Corporate Services company for compliance hosted the ‘Key Updates on Labour Laws’ conclave on Thursday. The one-day conclave was held in Mumbai to enlighten the organisations and employees about the legal code’s implications and adaptation.

The conclave 2023, with the industry experts and profound panel speakers, had seven sessions, discussing the higher pension under EPS, the Gratuity Act, Conveyance Allowance for ESI, Labour Codes, POSH Act, BOCW Act to Factories, and EHS Compliance Framework.

The first session by Mr. Bharat Goyal, Advocate, Bombay High Court, highlighted the eligibility conditions for employees to get higher pensions. In the second session, Dr. Krishna Murthy, Director of the Industrial Relations Institute of India, discussed the determination of continuous service under the payment of gratuity act, which was followed by the session on the exclusion of conveyance allowance for ESI contribution, an in-detail explanation by Mr. Varadan, Chief Consultation Officer at Aparajitha.

Further, a session on labour codes by Mr. Israel Inbaraj, Head, HR Compliance at Adani Group, intrigued the audience with an online Q&A quiz. Correspondingly, Ms. Swathika Rathnachalam, Advocate, T.S. Gopalan & Co., and Dr. Rajendra Mehrotra, former United Nations International Labour Organisation Personnel, underlined the applicability of the POSH act and BOCW act, respectively.

The demystifying conclave’s closing session was addressed by Aparajitha’s Deputy General Manager, Leo Kuriakose, shedding light on building an effective EHS compliance framework, ensuring a better organisational future through proactive EHS compliance.

Meanwhile, the Aparajitha 2023 conclave also marked the introduction of the Simpliance product. Aparajitha and Simpliance joined hands last year in October to create a combined regulatory compliance organisation.

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