Industrial Licensing

Our Industrial Licencing Services help obtain industrial licences and comply with laws on the environment, trade licences, signage licences, FSSAI compliance, and more.
Who Needs Industrial Licencing Services?
Industrial Licencing Services are typically required by businesses that operate in industries that are subject to licencing regulations. These compulsory licencing industries in India must comply with various regulatory requirements and obtain licences or permits from government authorities before starting or expanding their operations. Industrial Licencing Services help businesses navigate complex licencing requirements and regulations, saving them time and resources.

Aparajitha, with its pan-India presence and sustained rapport with Industrial Licencing Services and the registering authorities at central, state, and local civic-body levels, supports corporate entities towards obtaining/renewing licences within the quickest possible turnaround. Through our Industrial Licencing Services in India, we cover more than 75 licences covering different industrial legislations.

What We Do
Why Do You Need Industrial Licencing Services?