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Compfie, a cloud-based compliance tool which enables the convenience of monitoring and managing organization’s compliance and reducing overall legal risks.

It assesses and tracks your compliance status on all parameters in giving you a bird’s eye view on your organizations compliance score through a dashboard. You can also receive real-time updates and triggers which helps to mitigate compliance risks.

Besides, Compfie strengthens corporate governance processes and it is a delight to the board of directors, company secretaries, legal counsels and compliance managers to alleviate any compliance risk.

3 Super Easy steps to set up the Compfie, Your Compliance Selfie

The Compfie app provides user-friendly 360o dashboard, centralized data, real-time legal updates, task status tracker, Omni Channel support and stands as a whole new outlook to the world of 100% Compliance.

Step 1

Download your Compfie app from application store i.e. Google Play / App Store

Step 2

Login with Username and Password for easily sign-in to Compfie app.

Step 3

After login, you can access your 360o dashboard that provides your company’s compliance status at a single glance. In addition, our dashboard also helps you gain customizable, detailed and updated insights of your compliance completion percentage and updates status real-time.

Compfie – Smart Compliance Tool

Unlike many other GRC tools, Compfie is light on the pocket and super easy to setup. This tool will be a repository for all compliance documents, log in to review or audit compliance of your organization. We, Aparajitha Corporate Services, aim to make corporate India comply and help in achieving all your competitive business goals.

Set up your e-Profile to enjoy a fast and simple way to comply with all statutory compliances such as labour law compliance, industrial licensing, payroll processing, plantation compliance, contract labour compliance, establishment compliance, etc.

For your Compfie Demo, contact Aparajitha Corporate Services Pvt Ltd, a leading compliance services provider in India.

Spend more time on core business activities with Compfie, by monitoring your compliance on the go. A smart GRC tool Compfie is the best partner to manage all your compliance activities.

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