Break Complexities of compliance

Handling the complexities of statutory compliance in emerging businesses from central, state and local Governments is a challenge for every organization/company/startup in India.

In specific, companies with limited resources find that compliance management is difficult and consider this as a barrier for business growth and sale.

Let’s see some of the common problems as follows:-

3 common challenges:

  • The Manual tracking of compliance using spreadsheets and emails to monitor the same internally
  • Limited access to relevant business legal updates
  • In-house knowledge and training are insufficient to meet compliance at the corporate level

These may be the reasons for missed or incorrect compliances such as incomplete documentation, improper filings or delay in filings, and delay in renewing licenses or registrations and process the same for further updates.

To solve these problems, Aparajitha has conceptualized and designed and e- compliance platform – ‘Compfie’ that handles compliance management with intelligence combined with simplicity, accuracy and updated information on all laws across – Labour, Industrial, Financial, Corporate, Secretarial, Commercial law compliances domains. These smart  GRC solutions automate the statutory compliances that help to stay out of the manual operations. 

Compfie features:-

  • With a 360o dashboard, you can track the compliance status at any time.
  • Compfie provides you with real-time legal updates that help you to mitigate compliance risks such as delay in filings, delay in the renewal processes, etc.
  • Compfie’s CompfieShare feature offers ease of files sharing on the go-between several branch offices and head office & vice versa. At one tap, you can share a file that saves time and delay risks in filings.

Reducing compliance complexities through simplification and automation is the key to growth. For that, Compfie is a perfect choice.

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